Welcome to California Republic Water Polo Club! We are the premier water polo club in the Sacramento region. Our mission is to provide quality coaching to the area’s youth, from the absolute novice to high school players, while putting our athletes first. Our primary goal is the positive physical, mental and psychosocial development of our athletes. Our hope is that going through our programs, members will enjoy the elite level competition, as well as gain important skills that they can use throughout their lives. We promise to keep a positive environment by providing constructive feedback and utilizing cooperative leadership styles. In return, we are asking our athletes and parents to respect our staff, each other and the game, to attend all practices and events with a positive attitude and to support all club members.


If you would like more information, please email us at info@calrepublicsc.com.

Cal Republic Water Polo Club News

  • Cal Republic WPC is busy planning for summer water polo! Preliminary information has been posted under the “Water Polo Programs” tab. An email will go out to members once more information becomes available…stay tuned.
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  • Adults looking for a place to play water polo, check out Capital City Masters WPC